5 Bridal Shopping Tips

5 Bridal Shopping Tips

5 Bridal Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

Feb 19, 2023

You said yes to your boo, now it’s time to say yes to the dress


Bridal gown shopping is arguably the most exciting part of wedding planning! Most Brides have thought about this moment since they were little, and now that the time has come, there’s an overwhelming amount of emotion and excitement. You’ve been looking at gowns since before you met your fiancé, and now the real search is on! There are a few ways to make your Gown search fun and stress free—we’re here to let you in on the secrets!


  1. Choose your crew wisely——The more people you bring, the more opinions you will have—Be sure that those you choose to bring are those whose opinion you trust and value most! Our shop has a guest limit of four people. We do this not because of the space, We do this for you! There’s a chance that you will confuse yourself, especially when you have a vision for yourself and everyone else has a different vision for you. Overall, the fewer people you bring, the fewer opinions you will have, and the only opinion that really matters, is YOURS!
  2. Research Bridal shops——Every bridal shop has its own Niche. Here at Luxe, we cater to the untraditional bride. We like to have a lot of texture, color, and overall uniqueness, where as some store desire the complete opposite. Doing research on the shops around you will help you not only establish a vision, but it will also save you time on your search!
  3. Establish a budget——Just like researching bridal shops, establishing a budget is an essential part of prepping for your bridal shopping. Establishing a budget for your gown will help narrow down the bridal shops you would want to visit. Bridal gowns can range from $100 to $100,000! Many Bridal shops will have their price range listed on websites or social media platforms. This is imperative that you go over your budget with your stylist as well so they are pulling gowns that are within that range.
  4. Don’t believe the myths——Don’t get caught up on things and emotions you feel like you are supposed to feel. Every bride has their own unique experience finding their gown. You don’t have to cry, or visit every shop, or even get everyone’s opinion. I always say finding your gown should be as easy as finding your Boo, once you know, you know!
  5. Keep an open mind——As a stylist who’s been in Bridal for almost 10 years, when I say keeping an open mind is the best advise I could give, I mean it! What you have been looking at on Pinterest, may not give you the bridal feeling that is very necessary—you only get to be a Bride once, one want to feel like one too! Most times, a bride will come in with one vision, and she will say YES to a gown that is the complete opposite. Just be open, you could surprise yourself!