Real Luxe Bride: Lacey. Mobile Image

Real Luxe Bride: Lacey

There are so many sweet, intimate, joyful moments from this day that @unveiledradiance captured beautifully…and I will get to those…but first I feel like we need to talk about the elephant in the room…the dress.


@luxebridalnashville was the third salon we had been to that day, and to be honest, I had given up. I had tried on so many dresses that were unarguably beautiful but felt nothing like me. I felt like a little girl trying on my moms dresses. I chose a few options to start with at Luxe, disheartened and tired, I entered the dressing room and Niya, the wonderful owner brought in one more dress(yep).

She said, “I pulled just one more for you that I think you should try on. If you hate it, forget it, but I think you should give it a shot” I love her for this. It wasn’t even a question. As soon as it was on, I sobbed. It was the only dress in 50+ that made me feel like myself, not some version of what a bride is supposed to look like. To brag on Niya further, they had found out from other brides that this dress was extremely tedious to alter. I had bought a sample size that needed A LOT of work to fit me. She called and told me that it would take months and months to get the dress taken in, months I didn’t have, but not to worry because she went ahead and ORDERED ME A BRAND NEW ONE IN MY SIZE SO I COULD GET IT ALTERED IN TIME. What an actual Saint!?

This is where @karenhendrixcouture comes in, a magnificently talented, patient, and kind gown maker in Nashville. She went above and beyond, scheduling extra fittings due to the complication of the alteration, hand cutting the overlay so it fell perfectly to the floor, and even giving me candy canes to suck on during my fitting because my blood sugar was low and I was shaky. I have a love affair with this dress and am forever grateful to all the people who went above and beyond to make it happen for me. It seems silly to say so much about a dress, but feeling authentic and confident on such a massive day is one of the best gifts I’ve been given. May she live in our memories as the absolute legend she is. I have countless people to thank still. I love you all truly.